Thursday, April 3, 2008

sweet victory

we went to costco for the first time in 3 years. it's been hard to store things where we live now, because we don't really have any cupboards besides the ones our cookware is in. it was glorious. we snuck out of work 30 mn early (i asked, i didn't really sneak out) but it felt sneaky. nathan and i were able to roam the big beautiful isles completely childless. it was like santa knocked on my door to tell me that i won the publishers clearing house sweepstakes wearing nothing but ikea utensils. it was beautiful.
goooo costco!


Modest Mousketeer said...

I have begun to feel that Costco is like a totally out of control friend who really needs to go to rehab for something, but the friend has too many addictions to pick just one rehab... What I mean is, I always spend way too much money at Costco, I need to go to rehab.

Shannon said...

I LOVE Costco way too much. I especially love that you can get a hot dog and a drink for barely over $1.

always sunny said...

rehab migh be good. allthough i know exactly what you mean. that is WHY we have not gone in 3 years. we had to save our nickles first.

AND YES. LOVE those dang hotdogs.
costco makes me want to have a BBQ immediately. :)