Tuesday, April 8, 2008


the last two weeks have been tiring. lanna has been sleeping in shifts and wakes up twice nightly to ask for cheese crackers. (cheese nips). she is grossly addicted to them. sadly this is one of the items that we got at costco. she asks for them all hours of the day. i will be sleeping soundly and be alarmed to the whine of "i neeeeeeed some cheese crackers puhleasaaaseeeeee". we ry to ignore her a few times in hopes it stops, but it just gets worse. "i reeeeealy neeeeeeeeeed some cheeeeeeeeeese crackeeeeerrrrrssssss.....PUUUUHLEEEAAAASEEEEEE".
and then is followed by "mom! hey mommy....mommy did you hear me?! Daddy! dad, come here, i need you! hurry...can you hear me? MOM i'm in here! i need some cheese crakers" it's the plea of help from someone that has been stuck in a well for a week and they see a cheese cracker at the very top and need to reach it to survive.
here, eat your cheese cracker and for the love of cheese GO TO SLEEP. my eyes burn.

this potty training thing has gone on for 9 years now and i am just at the end of my patience for it. we hit a milestone this week. she is on day 8 today with NO accidents. it has just been wonderful. I will accept very little sleep for dry pants. it's a great trade to me. We threw a little party tonight when she pooped int he potty. she was on strike for 5 days and did not go. she insisted that she did not have to, and she would when she felt like she needed to go. 5 days is a long time. she was not bloated or did not appear to be constipated, so i was not going to freak out until tomorrow. man i am sure glad i don't have to freak out about that tomorrow. that's at least 45 mn saved.

we are watching Alvin and the Chipmunks right now and alvin just said "holy nuts"
you can bet your nuts that will be in my immediate vocabulary.


Modest Mousketeer said...

Way to go Lanz!

Last night while making chili I was passing the cans of beans to Hans for draining and saying "bean drain" repetitively... that is now in my vocabulary. "Man, what a bean drain!" "Dude, that show was such a bean drain," "Pass me the advil today was a total bean drain."

"Holy nuts, you're such a bean drain when you get up in the night for Cheese Nips."

always sunny said...