Monday, April 14, 2008

ikea $500 winner...

i am sure most of you know i TOTALLY WON THE 500 gift card to IKEA in december...but in case i did not tell you, I TOTALLY WON THE 500 GIFT CARD TO IKEA.

i was just on their IKEA MOBILE site and i saw my name! i feel like a celebrity. i wish that my friend jo would have won as well, but maybe next year. there are people at my work that are thinking "suuuure you "won" whatever..." so i am enclosing the link so you can see that I WON.

i have yet to spend it. the last trip we made to seattle i forgot it, but we had NO room to bring things back, so it was probably best. scroll to the bottom red part and there i am!

ann, jo and i had often wondered how many winners there were. there were 15 total and then some lucky duck named Karyn won the jackpot at 5,000! can you imagine?! how awesome.


Sweetest Petula said...

this is the stuff that dreams are made of.