Sunday, April 13, 2008

helloooooo spring! saturday.

the milk bottle restaurant

it has finally arrived! and she is feeling very bad that we have been given such a long winter that she feels that she has to make it all up in one weekend. fine by me! 6 months of snow that we had. we woke up to 60 degree weather and what is really better than that? i will tell you. 70 degrees just a few hours later. there was a light breeze and oh so much sun. winter is over. want to know why? i SWEPT MY PORCH. i am pretty sure that if mother nature does not want to get punched in the face by me, she will leave winter behind me.

saturday was cam's birthday and i could not have ordered better weather for her.
happy birthday my dear!

we took it easy and picked up our pottery that we painted last weekend. masterpieces as you can imagine. i will post them later. we had lunch at the milk bottle which is just 2 mn from our house. a great kids place. they are a little burger/salad/milkshake & ice cream joint. its like they forgot to update their prices in 1980 and left it as that. the burgers are 4.oo! a big side of fries 1.20 shhhh...
no one tell them, they might catch on. it is beautiful again today and we plan to take a walk and who knows, we might just get wild and EAT OUTSIDE.

lanna got new shades and a matching purse as a potty training gift.


Sweetest Petula said...

where can I get me a pair of those specs? Smashing...

always sunny said...

thank you cory, i will let her know that you love them. you can pick those up at your local gymboree store. :)