Sunday, April 13, 2008

sunday, april 13th

well we can say that we enjoyed all that spring had to offer us today. we never did eat outside, but we spent a lot of time out walking about and seeing the sights that we missed all winter long. we are back at our walks on the centennial trail three times a week. after work every tues and friday we have a pic-nic on the grass. we also do walks on sunday. its 40 mn of walking that we very much need. after all, i do eat here is what we saw when we got there. not the empty park that we are used to. there were tons of people and birds.
so many people were there, the birds were already full. so they left. just like that.

we enjoyed a wonderful birthday lunch for me courtesy of our friends mark, julie and dylan.
we all love the Mustard Seed and lanna especially loves it for the cool 'monkey water' that you get.
our fortunes were all PERFECT. we had a good laugh.
FANTASTIC!!! So, the only question WHEN am i leaving!!?? and WHERE am i going? i love it. we all kept them.

oh, and we had dessert.

lanna fell asleep in the stroller from all the raging fun we had.
and now for the random photo of the asparagus tart that i made when we got home. it was delicious and will be posted in my recipe section.


beepbeephello said...

oh my gosh!!!! that asparagus tart looks AMAZING. i could eat my computer screen.