Tuesday, September 30, 2008

fall festival chrysanthemums now in bloom!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

first football game

naturally lanna went dressed as batman.
is that not the proper attire for a game? we let her pick out her own outfit...
chef dave was nice and gave us three tickets to an eagles football game. this was lanna's first football game and she really enjoyed herself. it was 70, sunny and perfect. not too hot and not a bit cold. we sat in the first row and the eagle came and sat right by lanna! he was a big hit.
thank you big chef for the tickets!! sad we never saw you.
*on the very first touchdown for the eagles, the cannon went off, nearly made lanna poop her pants and then she yelled

this is actually a 'kung fu panda move' not a batman pose.

Friday, September 26, 2008

*ten things i love about my husband

i say *10, because that's how it sounded like i should make the list. i was not able to stop at 10 and the list might grow. i wanted to do this on our anniversary as a little note for him, but i never made it. then we got broken into and some things got borrowed and blah blah blah.
if you have met my hot husband, you know how cool he is.
if you have not, you really should. he's really hot.
i am really not an *opposites attract* kind of person, i like that our interests match closely.

here we go, in no particular order...

1. he charges my cell phone when the battery is low.

2. he loves bacon. as much as i do.

3. when lanna wants to 'play star wars' they race to pick out their guys. they both want the best ones.

4. our parenting views match exaclty.

5. is an equal combo of hot/funny/very nice (i have never found this before in a human)

6. has a major hobby outside of work and home (comics/superhero stuff)

7. we can talk about high school and we both know what we are talking about.
(since we went to school together)

8. he plays poker. and he is really good at it. he can't beat me, but whatever...

9. he's man enough to order the girliest drink on the menu. even if it's pink and has an umbrella.

10. after i wash the dishes and he always puts them away

11. he tivo'd 90210 before i even asked.

12. i'm pretty sure he's batman. i'm not allowed to talk about it, but i have a feeling.

13. he gets just as excited as i do about tea.

14. he loves tv and movies-and he knows lots of stuff. if you ask him anything about a show or movie, he knows it. he knows any one's names and where they live. just kidding. that would be weird. i love tv and it would really suck if i had to talk to myself...

15. we drink our coffee the same way. 2 splenda's and cream. awww.....

16. gay men love him. (they know a hottie when they see one)

i may add to this list if i remember something from time to time.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

it happens so fast

fall that is.
we took out a nice fall candle, we noticed a few trees that are already turning yellow and we made chicken wings. here, we thought you can use a few chicken wings...so help yourself.
happy fall. (i hated saying that just now)
i actually do really love fall just as much as i DREAD summer ending. it makes me quite mad really, but i welcome fall. mainly because i have to.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

spokane county fair 2008

lanna, nathan and i met our friends; shelly, kevin, nadine and nathalie at the spokane county fair. the day was just beautifully sunny and bad fair food was ate. i am so happy that lanna had these little girls to go with, i don't know what she would have done without them! we noticed that there is not only height limitations, but weight as well. you cant weigh over 95lbs, so this means that if she was just with us, there would have been a lot of rides we never would have let her go on by herself. last year we went on like 2 rides and it was great. this year she went on closer to 6 0r 7 and rode a llama! WAY better this year. lanna and nathalie are the same age so that worked out really well and they love each other. here are a few photo's. man, there is nothing cuter than a baby on a ride.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

for ann and others that that wonder how to use an 'rss feed'

do you have a google or a yahoo homepage? others that work are bloglines, netvibes or newsgator.
if you are into reading blogs, and have a few favorites, you are able to get them sent right to that homepage. if you are familiar with your homepage, you know that you can add things like weather, favorite tv channels, news, hot topics, ect...and even make your page look pretty with colors and special features.
this is where the RSS FEED comes in. there is generally a "subscribe to" or rss feed button on the blog that you are reading. these are most often at the VERY bottom of the page. if you click that, you are able to pick the homepage that you use and have it added. i use "igoogle" as my page, so when i open up google i see my homepage with my weather, top stories, calendar and my RSS FEEDS. i really like this feature. it lets me stay on one page and see when someone has posted instead of clicking on a handful of blogs. pretty handy! now, if anyone knows how to just get them emailed directly to you i am dying to know.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

fresh baked balms!

this is sweet and comforting, and oh so moisturizing.
how wonderful.
buy it here!

Friday, September 12, 2008

i am going to live. this is great news. i am now in possession of a COMPUTER!!! wooot wooot.
so, i will get back at this whole blogging and Internet life thing this weekend. i am on the mend and feel that i owe my life to zicam. more on that later. i have a wedding rehearsal tonight, for a wedding shoot that i have tomorrow. pretty fun. have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

i am officially going to die.
i have never felt pain in my sinuses, chest, and whole body like i do now.
oh my god.
it hurts to live.
must make tea...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

have you been there?

you know when you have a running faucet of a nose and it wont stop?
you know when you are at the point where you want to ask people if they have 2 spare tampons to shove up your nose, just to make it easier?

i. am. so. there.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

well, well, well.
they wheeled her off to have surgery, and then nothing!
they saw improvement for the first time in her toe and decided against it!!!
YAY!!! (for now) how cool is that?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

well hello!
so, i have been absent from the Internet world for a while, and i will have to be a little longer. we had to eat it and order a laptop a few days ago, so it will arrive on the 12th. we should* be up and running partially by then.

we headed to seattle on the 24th and returned on the 30th. oma still has her foot attached and we are all very happy about that. they took a large vein from her groin to her ankle. that is one big incision i tell ya. she is trucking along. they threw around a departure date of this friday, but now i just found out they want to take her back into surgery to remove the no-so-healing-itself toe. i'm thinking "great, take it- it's just a toe". it's not her whole foot, leg or her life. so, that is what we are looking at now. that will add a few days onto her departure, but alas this will hopefully help the problem.

it was wonderful to see my aunts whom lanna now just refers to as "the girls". they made quite the impression on her and i am so glad that she got that time. i wish we had more time with them. my family is so much fun and i wish i got to hang out with them more. debby and doreen )the girls) flew up from SC to hang with Oma, and Denise (the other girl) will arrive at the beginning of october. that is a going to be fun to see how lanna takes to her as well. she gets attached so quickly and i know they will just love each other. lanna was sad when the girls left and she cried pretty hard when they drove off.

sunday morning, the day that we left my uncle miles came into town from CA and that totally sucked that we had to leave that day. lanna aquired a stuffed seal at the hospital that she named "uncle miles". naturally, he was flattered. it was weird, the 6 days that we were gone we did not get a single photo. partly due to me not having a memory card yet, and partly since i did not know when i was going to have a computer to upload them too. now that we have that out of the way, we can slowly replace the other things that we lost.

lanna also go to reunite with her favorite friend, lijah. it was a horridly short trip to seattle, but it was still very nice. baby daphne is on her way to becoming a big girl and i hate it. she is just beautiful and looks so much like her daddy! holy moly...she really sprouted in the last few months.

we want to move.
i have contacted my landlord and i am anxious for a reply. she owns a dozen or so properties here in town and i hope to get one eventually. i feel like out house is broken. and i want another one. and soon.

that's it, i will get back at it when i have my new pretty (RED!) laptop.