Friday, September 26, 2008

*ten things i love about my husband

i say *10, because that's how it sounded like i should make the list. i was not able to stop at 10 and the list might grow. i wanted to do this on our anniversary as a little note for him, but i never made it. then we got broken into and some things got borrowed and blah blah blah.
if you have met my hot husband, you know how cool he is.
if you have not, you really should. he's really hot.
i am really not an *opposites attract* kind of person, i like that our interests match closely.

here we go, in no particular order...

1. he charges my cell phone when the battery is low.

2. he loves bacon. as much as i do.

3. when lanna wants to 'play star wars' they race to pick out their guys. they both want the best ones.

4. our parenting views match exaclty.

5. is an equal combo of hot/funny/very nice (i have never found this before in a human)

6. has a major hobby outside of work and home (comics/superhero stuff)

7. we can talk about high school and we both know what we are talking about.
(since we went to school together)

8. he plays poker. and he is really good at it. he can't beat me, but whatever...

9. he's man enough to order the girliest drink on the menu. even if it's pink and has an umbrella.

10. after i wash the dishes and he always puts them away

11. he tivo'd 90210 before i even asked.

12. i'm pretty sure he's batman. i'm not allowed to talk about it, but i have a feeling.

13. he gets just as excited as i do about tea.

14. he loves tv and movies-and he knows lots of stuff. if you ask him anything about a show or movie, he knows it. he knows any one's names and where they live. just kidding. that would be weird. i love tv and it would really suck if i had to talk to myself...

15. we drink our coffee the same way. 2 splenda's and cream. awww.....

16. gay men love him. (they know a hottie when they see one)

i may add to this list if i remember something from time to time.


babyhoot. said...

we checked your hubby's blog out the other day. we love him now because I think he loves HIMYM as much as we do. :)

Shannon said...

This is too cute. Btw the way I have some super cute pictures of Lanna. Also, I just showed my coworker your etsy site and she fell in love with your stuff and said there are 5 things she wants. :)