Wednesday, September 3, 2008

well hello!
so, i have been absent from the Internet world for a while, and i will have to be a little longer. we had to eat it and order a laptop a few days ago, so it will arrive on the 12th. we should* be up and running partially by then.

we headed to seattle on the 24th and returned on the 30th. oma still has her foot attached and we are all very happy about that. they took a large vein from her groin to her ankle. that is one big incision i tell ya. she is trucking along. they threw around a departure date of this friday, but now i just found out they want to take her back into surgery to remove the no-so-healing-itself toe. i'm thinking "great, take it- it's just a toe". it's not her whole foot, leg or her life. so, that is what we are looking at now. that will add a few days onto her departure, but alas this will hopefully help the problem.

it was wonderful to see my aunts whom lanna now just refers to as "the girls". they made quite the impression on her and i am so glad that she got that time. i wish we had more time with them. my family is so much fun and i wish i got to hang out with them more. debby and doreen )the girls) flew up from SC to hang with Oma, and Denise (the other girl) will arrive at the beginning of october. that is a going to be fun to see how lanna takes to her as well. she gets attached so quickly and i know they will just love each other. lanna was sad when the girls left and she cried pretty hard when they drove off.

sunday morning, the day that we left my uncle miles came into town from CA and that totally sucked that we had to leave that day. lanna aquired a stuffed seal at the hospital that she named "uncle miles". naturally, he was flattered. it was weird, the 6 days that we were gone we did not get a single photo. partly due to me not having a memory card yet, and partly since i did not know when i was going to have a computer to upload them too. now that we have that out of the way, we can slowly replace the other things that we lost.

lanna also go to reunite with her favorite friend, lijah. it was a horridly short trip to seattle, but it was still very nice. baby daphne is on her way to becoming a big girl and i hate it. she is just beautiful and looks so much like her daddy! holy moly...she really sprouted in the last few months.

we want to move.
i have contacted my landlord and i am anxious for a reply. she owns a dozen or so properties here in town and i hope to get one eventually. i feel like out house is broken. and i want another one. and soon.

that's it, i will get back at it when i have my new pretty (RED!) laptop.


Home2k9 Alpha said...

It was definitely WAY TOO SHORT of a trip since we didn't even get to see ya! I'm glad Oma is still hanging in there, too bad about the toe! Interesting news about the possible move, but it totally makes sense. I never considered that as a possibility for you, but I'm glad you have a few more options given your landlord's dealings in the area. Missing you tons, especially today!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about everything you are dealing with. Well wishes to your Oma. Hang in there.

babyhoot. said...

hang in there... we're keeping everyone in prayers. -jessica