Thursday, September 18, 2008

for ann and others that that wonder how to use an 'rss feed'

do you have a google or a yahoo homepage? others that work are bloglines, netvibes or newsgator.
if you are into reading blogs, and have a few favorites, you are able to get them sent right to that homepage. if you are familiar with your homepage, you know that you can add things like weather, favorite tv channels, news, hot topics, ect...and even make your page look pretty with colors and special features.
this is where the RSS FEED comes in. there is generally a "subscribe to" or rss feed button on the blog that you are reading. these are most often at the VERY bottom of the page. if you click that, you are able to pick the homepage that you use and have it added. i use "igoogle" as my page, so when i open up google i see my homepage with my weather, top stories, calendar and my RSS FEEDS. i really like this feature. it lets me stay on one page and see when someone has posted instead of clicking on a handful of blogs. pretty handy! now, if anyone knows how to just get them emailed directly to you i am dying to know.


LF family said...

thank you darling. i will give this a try!