Wednesday, September 10, 2008

have you been there?

you know when you have a running faucet of a nose and it wont stop?
you know when you are at the point where you want to ask people if they have 2 spare tampons to shove up your nose, just to make it easier?

i. am. so. there.


Stacy Ann said...

I was SOOOO there just the other day, it was so bad, my nose was completely pluged but it was still dripping, you know you try to sniff and NO air goes in and its running... that and I was trying to see patients!!! It was a nightmare. I hope you feel better soon!

always sunny said...

i hate my life right now.
my nose is so dry, but totally runny, completely stuffed on ONE side and my tonsils are killing me. this all kicked my ass mid day today.
i hate it that you went thru it.
thank you for your wish.
i miss you.

LF family said...

i am so sorry you feel so sick! please take good care of yourself. it WILL help.
and hang in there!