Saturday, June 28, 2008

it's my ETSY anniversary!

...and what a better way to celebrate than sending you a little gift bag! just reply to this post and enter your name, and the winner will be announced on the FOURTH OF JULY!!! send this to your friends, so they can join too. this little goodie bag will be a mixture of all the fun things i do! on my one year anniversary i also hit my 500th feedback score! this means i have done 500 awesome transactions. whoooo hoooo! and...go!

Friday, June 27, 2008

here are a few things i worked on this weekend. they are all available in the shop.
thank you for taking a peek!

melon punch
shy blue fowers

pineapple wavevintage glass bracelet

sweet lemons

vintage glass on brass

carved corals

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

happy birthday to cory!!

Barbie Cake

the cake you deserve.
if i was there i would make this for you. or buy it. either way it would be yours.
happy birthday!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

blue ice. vintage german glass

stargazer lily.

a week to soak it in

i am on one week of vacation. ONE WEEK. aside from a long weekend traveling to whidbey, this is my first week long vacation since we moved here. i am am very excited about it. yesterday nathan and i had the day to ourslves. we dropped lanna of at school trying to disguise our "vacation clothes" and not the normal attire that we go to work in. you see, we get charged weather she is there or not, so it made sense that she enjoy her last say before her holiday as well. nathan and i came back home to have some coffee and breakfast. i had just sold a large order, so that took me a good hour to wrap up. a lovely miss bought her entire wedding party a pair of earrings. after wrapping those up all fancy schmancy we set off to lunch. we had a place in mind, reservations made, and then we changed our mind. damn olive garden. you wave 'all you can eat salad' at me and watch me squirm. so there were were, margarita and salad at 11:59 am. yes, we waited to take a sip until it hit 12noon because, well...i don't just felt wrong. we had an appetizer, then the salad started to roll in. heaven. then my favorite soup. ooooh it was soooo good. we then went to go see the incredible hulk. it was awesome. i get to see a movie with nathan maybe once a year.
after that we did a few errands and it was time to pick up the lady. we missed her. it was nice to be out together but halfway through the day we start to miss her company. after we picked her up we ran back to 'northwest seed and pet' where i got a few more packs of lettuce and lanna visited the animals. they have the cutest animals there. not the usual kittens and puppies, they have a bit more unusual selection. they are like a small cenex. plant supplies, pet supplies and pets. they had 15 bright yellow baby chicks- and come on, what is cuter than that? there was 6 baby gosling's and a dozen or so different bunny rabbits. lanna befriended the pot belly pig and the turkey. when we left she says "i really liked that turkey, he was nice...we DON'T eat turkeys OK?...." and then waited for our response. "OK?!!!" "OK" we responded to just being lectured by the newest representative of PETA. she says "it's ok to eat turkeys if you live in a smelly barn, but never in your house." ok, well now i am confused by that reasoning, but i let it go.

we have guests arriving tomorrow. laura and adam. adam is a cop and will be stationed here for a week long training at SCC and we get 'doot' (laura) for the whole week. i am pretty excited. she is a very low maintenance guest and we always have a wonderful time just hanging. we both love it hot hot hot and love all the same foods, ect. we have different personalities but our interests match almost 100% and that is so much fun. she loves the mariners -so she can hang with the guys and she loves to make things so that works well for me. we coudl be happy if everything we ate contained avocado and lime. we also like to do nothing and just sit int he sun. we will have a low key fun filled week that is promising 80 degrees everyday for the next 2 weeks. photo's to follow. yay holiday!!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

fathers day weekend

the sun was out!
we had a laid back weekend with lots of food and sun.
on fathers day we ate out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. i don't think we have ever done that before so that was delightful. we had a yard sale on saturday and these were by far the coolest shoppers.
we were able to be a little bit productive while we lounged outside as well. nathan drew some things for his page and i got some earrings done and listed. ugh. i have been so un-motivated to list. i have 30 pairs begging to be listed and i just can't bring myself to do it. after the yard sale was over, we hauled everything we had left to a second hand store. whew. done!

we headed out to do some shopping and enjoy more sun. we landed ourselves at TGI Friday's for lunch. we have never been there before. if you have never been there, don't. they are the home of the 'lets dip this pizza in batter and then deep fry it, then stuff a syringe in it and fill it with velveeta. seriously, don't. i played it safe and got a salad. (wrapped in a hot pocket of course)
cam and i conspired and got nathan a bad ass pair of shades with his prescription in them. poor thing is a little BlindyMcBlinderson when he has any others on. it's actually pretty amazing he has not put us in a ditch. ok, that was a little dramatic, but sometimes i wonder if he can see oncoming traffic.

hot, i know.

here are a few photo's from coronary palace.

i know what you are thinking.
"are you really going to put that broken crayon back in the cup and let some other kid play with it? it's been up her nose!"
we dipped it in ranch and ate it.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

gosh, look! a few new pretties!

i got in some really great retro summer colors!
now available in the shop

Thursday, June 12, 2008

all soon to be available here

Sunday, June 8, 2008

superheroes unite!

please notice the 'rock'

it came. it rocked. it went.
just like that. after one year of planning and at least 6 months of hardcore planning the 2008 spokane comicon is over. for this year anyway. nathan and stephen keating worked into the wee hours of the night before setting up all of the 300lb cafeteria tables (that were supposed to be smaller maneuverable rectangle tables) into their place. they were given all the wrong tables, skirting and linens. they made it work. they set the room, and re set it again until it worked. and no one complained, so that was great. after a looooong night of making the room presentable we got up at the but crack of dawn and dropped nathan off to open the doors so the vendors could set up. in poured sculptures, paintings, toys, clothing and boxes and boxes of super-powered goodies. lanna and i went back home to get dressed and have a little breakfast. relax, we wore normal clothes. we arrived back at the station and helped where we could. we set up the raffle and admissions table. it started pouring outside and so did the crowd. we gave gift bags to the first 50 attendees and they were gone in about 8 minutes. there was a crowd of excited beings that waited in the lobby for the artists and vendors to finish setting up. the line was growing and we knew we had to let these people in soon or they would banish us to somewhere nerdy where they have bad hair and no earrings. i will put a link to the shutterfly album i made at the bottom. it will be of all my favorite people. yah, that pretty much means lanna. she found a rock. she found a rock and it meant business. it traveled everywhere with her that day and she left no superhero unaware that she was in possession of this rock.

"s'cuse me sir, can i show you my rock?"

"i don't believe you have seen this rock yet"

"you are not going to belive this rock!"

"i better let creamsicle take a peek in there"

then she shot him.

my husband did an amazing job. we had over 100 more people that last year, a costume contest, hourly raffles and 1.00 raffles and they were all a hit. nathan plans and organizes this thing all by himslef and i am so proud of him. he worked so hard on it and it paid off seeing all those smiles. way to go guy, i love you and you are awesome. and hot. bonus for me. i am looking forward to next year and being even bigger and better.
we went to have a little dinner tonight and there on the counter was the paper with the article in it. a little part of me wanted to point to it and say
"don't you know who we are? we're a really big deal."

rockin the dark side.

personal album

see nathan's blog for the full comicon album a little later.

Friday, June 6, 2008

extra extra read all about it!

this was in the newspaper today. i can't wait to see the show my awesome husband pulls of tomorrow. nathan, lanna, stephen, julie and madeliene will be there all day for the festivities. cant wait to show you what happened!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

a few critters here and there

this is where we used to sit, and water was generally 10ft. away from this bench.
it was just 6" from the sidewalk tonight.

the weekend was pretty un-eventful in the sun department, but we did acomplish a few chores. we decided on a date for the yard sale, june 14th. weather permitting of course. we waited for lanna to take her nap and we sncuk upstairs and organized a few things and went thru boxes that we have not looked in since we moved here. i am ecstatic to get rid of stuff. today's weather mproved greatly around 4pm and by 5:30 we decided that a walk was in much need. we headed to gonzaga, parked and walked centennial trail. the wild life was out in full force. the water was indeed raging and that was so cool to see. not the flood part, but the crash part.

baby geese were right in the middle of the bridge!!!

they were calm and let us stare at them

they took a little stretch...

and a little yawn

mr. squirrel followed us for a while

and peeked at us like james bond

generally a glass calm river...