Thursday, July 10, 2008

spokane is burning this mother down

it is on every tv channel we have. wildfires. they are in spokane valley and taking homes down at a very rapid pace. it's weird they are so close. we are just 15 mn away. it is super sunny, and the wind is close to 60 mph. it's one of the weirdest weather combo's i have ever seen. a lumber supply company burned down today at about 1pm and it is still burning. that fire itself was enormous. its a 3-alarm fire and that alone had the spokane firefighters taxed. after a draining day of attempting to put that fire out, and draining all of their recourses, the wildfires in the valley started. the sky is hazy and the wind is just atrocious. it feels like we are having a hurricane. a large amount of people are being evacuated from their homes and people are reporting HUNDREDS of deer and wildlife running through their yards trying to get to a safe place.

here is what i just found online:
Monroe Street Closed due to Crash

The Spokane Police Traffic Unit is currently investigating a motorcycle crash on Monroe between Francis and Dalke.

Earlier, a motorcyclist was south on Monroe from Francis, when he ran into the back of another vehicle. The driver sustained life threatening injuries. At the same time, Spokane Fire and Spokane Police were attending a nearby fire and downed power lines. Four garages were on fire in the 6100 block of North Monroe and North Lincoln.

Investigators expect Monroe to be closed, both north and south, for the next several hours. citizen's are encouraged to use an alternate route.

*we are just 2 blocks from Monroe.