Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a letter to kid rock

dear kid rock,
since, i am sure you read this blog, i will try to keep my language to a respectable level.
i understand the need to make a cover song, i really do. many great covers have been done and i can say that some of them i enjoy even more in the newer state. don't get to just take a great song like 'sweet home alabama' and make it gay. this song needs NO help and i don't appreciate what you have done to it. i like some of your music, not all of it, but some of it is stomach- able. i ask you this: why? is it because you liked the song so much that you thought "hey, what this song need is me in a video of 20 naked girls and their boobies flailing all over the place?" not really the direction i personally would have taken this song...but i get your need for flailing boobies. now, i am going to give you a chance to rectify things. please call leonard skynard and apologize. he is waiting for your call. and i expected more from you.


Anonymous said...

Way to tell him!

Anonymous said...

I hear that Evil Water Stick is recording a tribute to Garth Brooks.