Saturday, July 5, 2008

happy birthday america!

lanna attended her *first baseball game. she had a blast. we saw the spokane indians in the spokane fairgrounds, in the stadium. it was quite festive for the holiday. this particular show is always a hit as they are known for their fireworks show. i have never been a fan of fireworks and always avoid the 'shows' but it was so much fun to see the look on her face. she got a pink baseball and a pennant and thinks she is a part of the team now. that is the part that confused her. why can't she go down there and throw her ball to them? she had one, so did they...the "MUD WAS RIGHT THERE", all the elements were there and yet, she was not allowed on the field.
it was neat, after nearly every inning a air force would fly over a craft and they would show off for the crowd. otto, the mascot, was there in full force doing tricks and egging on the red white and blue crowd. happy 4th! we hope everyone had a lovely day.

*her first game was a mariners game, but she was 4 months old and has no idea she was there