Saturday, July 19, 2008

in love with the berries

in real life i dislike blueberries with all of my being.
but in beads, i don't have to eat them and i love them.
they are milky blue, perfectly smooth and oh so pretty.


gran family said...

hey, that's funny; I hate fresh blueberries too. I'll tolerate them in muffins or hot pancakes. My girls eat them as if they were skittles.

Candy would be much cheaper to give them though!


always sunny said...

i have this thing. i don't eat or drink ANYTHING blue...
odd i know. i am aware it does not "taste blue" and it wont kill me... it's just blue is not a real food color. as for blueberries, i just don't like them. yes, even when you cook them and they turn purple. i know they were blue once. i stopped eating fruit loops when they added that damn blue loop. it go too stressful picking them out. why would they go and so that?