Sunday, February 10, 2008

well, at least he smells good.

today was laundry day.(sidenote:) i wonder if doug's laundry changed from monday to sunday?
anyway, in the midst of me folding clothes, lanna spilled some lemonade on "ikea" her giraffe. she got this giraffe at IKEA and thought that was his actual name, hence the current name. she immediately freaks out when her animals get wet and asks to wash them whenever this happens. so, to the washer we went. (yesterday nemo got milk on his tail). for his safety, she asked to watch the process with the lid open. i let her do that. she stood there on her stool and watched ikea go round and round. after a few mn i thought i better go check and for good reason. 2 minutes of complete silence only equals BAD. it was not too horrible, as much as it was a waste. she had thrown in one by one every single dryer sheet we had (roughly 60) into the washer. you know, the things that only go in the dryer. these were very yummy smelling lemon verbena too, that i am now sad are gone. needless to say, her giraffe smells very gooood.


Modest Mousketeer said...

You mean those are only supposed to be used in the dryer??? Gosh, I've been doing it wrong all along.