Tuesday, February 5, 2008

observing small creatures in thier natural habitats

lanna looks forward to going to school every morning and is sad to leave when we pick her up. nathan and i both drop her off together and we pick her up together. i don't believe that is too common. we feel pretty lucky to be able to do that. it is just amazing to watch these little creatures when they think you are not looking. lanna vacuums , cleans, makes everyone tea, writes letters to santa (almost daily) and conducts show-and-tell like a pro. it's is so funny to see her face when she first see us. her initial reaction is not to run to us, but to show us her best tricks. she sees us walk in and she starts running off in the opposite direction, while looking directly at us. we sit there like "oooh, wow, good job!" while we are covering our eyes and clenching our jaws because we know what is next. SPLAT. she generally rams herself right into the nearest wall or crashes right over the top of the poor unexpecting child that is in a daydream and riding his awesome harley across the playground. they both end up crying, neither of them has any idea what just hit them.
"weird, that came out of no where!" today was delightfully different. she was sitting by herself reading a christamas book, yes, a christmas book in february. that's how spokane rolls. when she saw us, her excitement was small and she began to vacuum and set up her tea party. i was able to quietly snap a few photo's. natural habitat is fun.

oh hello!

tea and an orange for you?

concentrating and writing santa