Monday, February 25, 2008

playing store, the smartass way

Lanna: daddy, you want to play store wit me?

Nathan: Sure. do you have milk that i can buy?

Lanna: why yes we do. i have 2 milks. can i put them in a bag for you? (then ignores him)

Nathan: ok, ma'am...if you can just hand me that bag, i can put them in there myslef...

Lanna: WAIT! i'll do it...(and violently throws his milk in the bag)

Nathan: uh, ma'am, you are breaking my milk. do you want me to get some eggs so you can break those too?

Lanna: i don't have any eggs.

Nathan: oh, wait, i have a let me just get that...

Lanna: i'm sorry. we're closed.

(she takes the bag of groceries to the middle of the floor and dumps them out)

Lanna: daddy want ot play store again?

Nathan: i'm sorry, i can't. someone was wreckless, and now i have a cleanup on isle 4.