Tuesday, February 5, 2008

bananas foster

i rarely ever have my camera on my at work or in lanna's school. it is not common that you get to walk away with either of those types of photo's. i thought today i would bring my camera in. i will be doing two separate posts.

*today was mardi gras and our chef is great about making fun and festive beautiful food that best represents the holiday. today he featured his famous bananas foster. this is butter, brown sugar, orange juice and rum that is sauteed in a pan and then bananas are added. what a dream combination! who knew. this marvelous mixture is then spooned over ice cream. this is a comment that i heard in the hallway today. "when no one was looking i licked the bowl!" and "this is my FAVORITE day of the year." really? you like this more than christmas?
emily, our current student extraordinaire flamed up some of these beauties today and here is the evidence.