Sunday, April 11, 2010

what's your pizza like?

there are plenty of *snobs out there. you know, movie snobs, music, wine, coffee, beer...we all have our one little thing that we just hold to a really high standard. admittedly, i am a pizza snob. i loooove pizza, but it has to be a good one. and for me, that would never come in any frozen variety. and this is not the part where you need to convince me that said frozen pizza is great, trust me, im not interested.  for me, it's all about the crust. it's a make it or break it deal.  i like my crust thin. my perfect pizza would never contain pepperoni or olives. i love very few toppings. i am not a combo lover. to me the 'more the merrier' is not merrier. i do have a very small handful of favorite combo's but the one that melts my heart immediately is Pizza Margherita.

fantastic pizza in spokane? look no further, you are not going to find it. i mean *really* great pizza. sure, we have some good pizza, even some tasty pizza, but not that authentic-crave it immediately pizza. my husband works directly with many executive chefs and in one of if their meetings in seattle, this was a topic. and to my delight, they all agreed. fabulous pizza does not reside in spokane, and we long for something really great. i love Pagliacci in seattle and village pizzaria in langley. i miss the pesto pizza so badly.

one thing i love to hear about is what other people love on their pizza's. and it's ok if you love frozen. i'd never say yuck to your favorite pizza.since crust is so important to me i have really been on the hunt lately. i have been happy with something i found at a local safeway. there are two safeways by me and only one carries it. fresh pizza dough made daily in their deli section. it's only $1.73 for the big round beautiful piece of dough. this makes for a very cost effective pizza as well. lately in a pinch, we have been let down that they are out. i have never actually made my own until last week. and why not? it's too dang easy! it's about the least expensive thing you could make. the problem is, you have to let it rise for 1.5-2 hours. not the ideal i need it now dinner idea. but if you have the time, it's perfect. 
here is the recipe that i looked at. i love that it has a visual. 

with my new fresh dough making skillz in hand, i was able to craft my perfect pizza. i am one happy camper. 
i'd love to hear what your favorite pizza is! and what you like to have with it. 
here is the process of my pizza:
i roll my crust thin 
(we don't have an actual pizza pan, so as you can see it needed to be trimmed.)
spread on favorite marinara.
add fresh mozzarella
add fresh tomatoes and basil
pop that beauty in the oven
baked beauty. let rest for a few minutes. 
slice it and eat it! 
there you have it. my very favorite pizza, that makes me really really happy. 
share your pizza with me!
and i won't be offended if you hate tomatoes. i look at it like this, for every tomato you don't eat, i get two.


Stacy Ann said...

We also LOVE to make our own Pizza! We use a beer batter dough recipe that is amazing! We like it thin thin thin TOO!!! Favorite toppings---- We use Pesto istead of sauce. then top this with hand breaded parm/garlic chicken, mozz provalone mix and cherry tomatoes! I usually make the chicken while the dough is sitting! It is AMAZING! We also do a mean BBQ chicken with BBQ in place of the sauce! hmmm... maybe we need pizza for dinner tonight!

always sunny said...

both of those sound great! i LOVE pesto and bbq pizza's. i love bbq chicken and red onion.

Beadwright said...

Hi. I am with you. I LOVE PIZZA. I am not too keen on the frozen brands either. For me it is all about the crust as well. I like a rich buttery crust thick around the edges. Not much sauce, unless it is my sauce. Lots of cheese and most of the time just a few veggies on top.