Sunday, April 25, 2010

i just love the feeling of sunday, don't you? 
we all had a really relaxing, but productive weekend. 
i managed to get all of my lip balm orders done. made, filled, labeled and packed. and it's only 3:00. normally i am starting this process at 7:00pm, so i feel pretty excited about it. i got a handful of really scrumptious soaps made. aside from causing ruckus, satchel has been sleeping most of the day. here are a few photo's of that i finished and satchel's comfy day. since i still have a good amount of light out, we are headed out to mow the lawn. we are having sausage and mushroom pizza for dinner. just made the dough, so it should be good to go by 6pm. hope you all had a nice weekend.  
blueberry pomegranate

blood orange

tranquil lime:  lime, fresh air and basil