Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a sign of the times.

last night lanna and i were watching Ace of Cakes and they were making a phone booth cake for a Get Smart movie party. it was a really cool cake that lit up and everyting. lanna says to me :
"what is that thing they just made?"

me: it's a phone booth.

lanna: so, how do you use that ?

me: there is a phone in it. you get inside and make a phone call.

lanna: you get INSIDE that thing? how weird.
i saw one of those on Scooby Doo once. A monster broke in and tried to sleal some treasure. I hope i never go in one. "


Paula said...

I love it! Last year I went to the park with my children and we played drive-thru restaurant. She asked for my money and I held out my open empty hand. She took it, swiped it, and handed it back to me. Cash? What is that for?

always sunny said...

ha! i know, lanna does the same thing. the swiping action is the best. i can't remember what she asked for last weekend but i told her that we dont have the money to go and do it, she said "well, where do you guys go to get more money when you run out?" i said WORK. she said, well can we swing by your work and grab some?, i wish. :)