Saturday, February 13, 2010

(bathroom window)

i am getting some serious spring fever.
i have started to buy my greenery for places that are lacking in the house.
the light flowing through he windows during the day really makes me happy. i have not been working in the basement for any of my etsy projects because it's just to dark and cold. i look forward to getting my supplies out of the living room again and putting them back where they belong. however, we got a lovely new bench that hides it all inside. isn't that just the best kind?
at a local antique shop i scored this adorable little bunny faucet adapter. 
a super cute find for $9
we are trying to get out for a walk today, but would you wake this baby up?
i wouldn't. 


monica said...

i really like your blog! the pictures are beautiful...

and the signs of spring pictures make me excited for winter to be over with.

thanks for sharing

always sunny said...

thank you monica, and welcome!