Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the mother of all weekends

now, i have never been one for the trivial holidays; valentines day, mothers day, anything that hallmark makes bank on- i'm out. i have a wonderful husband and i hate that every radio station needs to remind him what a douche he is if he does not surprise me with a lavish trip or a 62 carat diamond encrusted piece of toast, or better yet a hamster dipped in solid gold. (ok, that would be TINY bit awesome) my birthday however...whew, now that is really something. this last "mothers day" weekend was quite frankly, a dream in my tiny little life. the husband had a comic convention in seattle that he needed to whore himself around at. it just so happened that my little sweet peluta was having a trunk sale that SAME weekend. i know. what were the odds. well, i can tell you the odds of those two worlds colliding again are the same weekend that i get my golden hamster. at first i thought i was only able to spend a few hours there, but as it turned out i loved it so much, she had to shove me out the door as they were nearly closing. it was fabulous. it was crazy busy right off the bat at 10am and the gift bags were in full swing. you totally missed out if you did not get one of these puppies. our dearest friends ann, jo, lijah and baby daphne were on the the first ones there and i could not have been happier to see them! they kidnapped me and forced me down the street to a great little place called "my coffee house". this is a place that lijah frequents. its a great little place for kids to hang and play while mom and dad eat and drink. there is a cool train set there, and if you tell lanna we went without her she will kill me, so just keep this to yourself.train time, and lij in the sweet petula sign outside
stephen, ann and daphne
after i was forced to say goodbye (i hate that part) i returned to the sale that was still going oh-so-well. if you have never been into sweet petula before i have to highly suggest it. it is so very comfortable and you can't imagine the aroma that flows from the doors. not at all a perfumy smell...i cannot describe it as anything but magnificent. after lunch Hor`Derves and red champagne was served and that was delicious. sidney ann had some awesome bags on display and yes, i got one and it's beautiful. get one. baby hoot was also there. you should have seen this array of adorable and totally essential items. burp cloths, baby blankies, teeny tiny aprons and much much more. all of which are on really unique and run fabrics. i got some of sweet petula's ruby grapefruit essential spray and my-oh-my. i am in love. i have to say this is a woman after my own heart.
3 mysterious girls outside the store
after the fun filled day we headed back to whidbey for the evening. and i have a big announcement ladies and gentlemen...WE MADE THE FREAKIN BOAT!!! it was running 2 minutes behind. this may have been the first time in the WSF's history that i did not secretly wish a "sinking" on them. we departed early the next day. i think this may have been the fastest trip in history-but you have to do what you have to do, right? we stopped by the store where nathan's mom works to surprise her and say happy mothers day. lanna ran in there and yelled "surprise" and handed her present to a total stranger. once nathan's mom saw lanna, she got pretty darn excited. she is the best person to surprise. she loves it and she has the best reactions. some people get mad or are totally throw off, but she has always been a good one to throw a surprise in for. we then headed to the boat and there was a monster line. we knew there would be, everyone was trying to get their moms off the damn island. after a short wait we headed to the happiest place on earth. yes, IKEA. we had a blast spending the 500.00 gift card that i won in november. we dropped lanna off in the drunk tank and we had ONE HOUR...and GO! we stuck to our list and that took us the one hour. we picked her up, just as i landed myself in the "as is" section. nathan returned with her we we loaded up the trunk and wouldn'ta know it, the dang thing was only HALF FULL. how did that happen? we looked at eachother and knew we had to go another round. we went in for lunch of the usual sweedish meatballs, red potatoes and salad. we then set off to another 1.5 hours of shopping bliss. we spent the majority of the hour in the kids section where lanna found a rug that is a 'city' and she can zoom her cars on it. she also got a train set and a toy box.
that was it. we loaded up our full trunk and our very full bellies and set back to spokanistan. it was really crappy out and as soon as we got over the pass it was nothing but sunshine and rainbows. since i knew you would not believe me, i took a picture.
see. sunshine and rainbows.
we got home at 7:40 and started rolling in our IKEA loot immediately.


Sweetest Petula said...

This is the best post EVER! And are those Dora the Explorer PJ's?

always sunny said...

they are June, from Disney's little Einsteins, and just a TAD bit different quality then the ones you sell. but, just barely noticeable. :)

Modest Mousketeer said...

I second that "BEST POST EVER" claim! So much fun, I can't get over missing out on that sale! L.A.M.E. I love you times infinity and Happy Belated Mom's Day!!!! Here's lots of punctuation as a present for you!!!!!!! And holy crap your IKEA trip made me almost wet myself... I can totally see you standing there, gazing into the half full trunk and then turning around and going back for more. OMG.

babyhoot. said...

wow, what a weekend you had! I'm jealous about your IKEA gift card. What did you get? :) Your daughter is a cutie pie too. Great photo with the magnifying glass- so creative!

always sunny said...

HOLY CRAP...you would have loved it.
i got mainly kitchen stuff. we got a little corner cabinet for the living room. i got some white baking dishes, a juice pitcher, a french press, a new set of glasses and retired our last ikea set. cutting boards...blah blah blah...we got new bedding...and then a bunch of stuff for lanna. the coffee table WILL be in the next trip!