Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ok, so...what IS a treasury?

i have actually been getting the question a lot
from my not-so-etsy familiar friends.
i am going to break it down the easiest way i know how. it's a collage of pieces, that someone has put together of their favorite items, or just plain items that look good together. there are bajillions of treasuries on etsy that you can browse. when you are at the front page and you see that pretty collection...that IS a treasury that someone has put together. AND how they made it there, was by you clicking on the items in the treasury. the more popular the treasury, the more it moves up to the front and has a chance to make it to the front page! this is wonderful exposure for an artist. but treasuries expire! so it's important to get that link out there as fast as you can and get as much exposure as possible.
because most will never see the light of day.
treasuries are not used for self promotion, so the items in my treasury here, are other artists that i am promoting.
i feel badly about how many treasuries i am in, i am kind of a treasury hog. i wake up to usually 3-4 a day. i cannot promote them all, as i feel like 3-4 postings a day is really too much. i hope that no one ever thinks that i do not appreciate their efforts, but if i posted all of them, i'd see my fan base drop from over posting.

some are really pretty, some are funky and some are quite 'interesting'. i end up promoting the ones that i feel have major eye appeal in hopes it will get some serious clicks. well, for the first time ever, i made my own. and let me tell you, it took me close to 2 hours. it's really time consuming going through your favorites, browsing, and just making this look like a piece of art on it's own. you then have to contact everyone you feature, and let them know so they as well can promote the link. so, here you go. my very first treasury created by me. please, click your life away.


A* said...

Well - I knew what a treasury was but you have enlightened me as to how they make it onto the front page! I love your treasury, a lovely mix and a clever name too!

always sunny said...

thank you angie!
i have to admit, i went close to TWO years withought really understanding them. xoxo