Monday, January 11, 2010

the republic of tea

i love it so much. it is one of my favorites. the selection is endless.
i love getting my little catalog in the mail with a new tea sample in it! even though, i am very closed in the 'variety' department, nathan usually benefits from the new tasty sample. this months sample is geared towards valentines day for sure. it a red tea, so it's good for you, and the flavor is Chocolate Strawberry. i think this might be a good dessert tea, or a great tea for kids. they have the cutest darn kids sets. i know special little people who i think need these. here is the latest that i had to share.
since it's the Year of the Tiger, they are certainly showing their ROAR to celebrate.
if you know little people who like tea parties, i think this is a wonderful gift option. they have a great little rain forest collection too.


Anonymous said...

love the republic of tea. they have the greatest red teas i've found!