Saturday, October 17, 2009

uh, is anyone missing the "notes to seller" besides me?!


as you may have noticed (i hope you have) etsy did an update a few weeks back. the email format in which we receive orders are different, and the notes to seller are moved. i don't like it. I am very much into the ETSY HACK section, and they all work so wonderfully. i am going to post some links here. some i have found, some have been shared with me. all of these are in the forums section as well.

i use FireFox as my web browser and i love it. so, if you have FireFox, these hacks will work for you. they have been created just for FireFox. if you use Internet explorer, these will not work. you are able to have both browsers, and if you'd like to install the hack to NEVER MISS YOUR NOTES TO SELLER AGAIN, please do. i did it, and it works just as I'd hoped. what it looks like is this: when you are looking at your SOLD ITEMS page, the notes to seller appear in RED directly under the order.
you do not have to open each order individually, they are all visible and clear.

you can find it here:

you basically need three things:
1. firefox -
2. greasemonkey -
3. install buyer notes -

also, this little gem. you can see who has hearted your shop, single items, ect...all in one place. it's the best!
etsy craft cult:

if you know of other etsy hacks that are super cool, please be awesome and post them here!


Paula said...

No, I'm not missing the notes to seller. Etsy moved it to the top of every email instead of the bottom because, according to the storque, it is more important. Thanks for the tut on the hacks. I just could not figure it out.

always sunny said...

i am glad you are not, for the first week, i had no section of notes. it was only on my paypal part, and i never think to look there. if anyone needs help with these links, just ask, it's super easy. you just click them and they install. you restart your computer, and that's it.