Sunday, August 30, 2009

where did this weekend go?

it was a nice long weekend for us. we started it on thursday and headed to idaho to have some water park fun. we had a great time and i really loved just being gone for 1.5 days. it was the best to get back from "vacation" on a friday and enjoy the rest of the day. i discovered a new medium this weekend. i worked with some fine silver and below i will have photo's. it was hard to wake up today, i still felt quite tired, and then i worked on my pretties for about 6 hours. and then BAM the day was gone. it feels like i just woke up and now it's bedtime. and i still have lots of orders to wrap. what did you do this weekend?
view of the gondolas
on the ride there
on our balcony
the indoor water park that was hooked to the resort
the courtyard
here are some of the things i worked on this weekend


Anonymous said...

gorgeous work! And your trip looked like fun. I worked on a home decor project this weekend. Counting the days til Friday and the begining of 5 days off from work! Concert at the winery on Friday night, beach house on Whidbey Sat-Mon and a day to myself on Tuesday!