Sunday, September 12, 2010

exciting things have been brewing for fall!

crazy i know. i am not one to wish upon summers end. aside from massive seasonal allergies, fall is gorgeous here! here are a handful of items that are new to get you in the mood. 

{pumpkin & leaf} soap set $8.00
a lovely blend of oak moss, chai and gingersnap

{candy corn!} lip balm. limited edition, while supplies last.
New {Mon Petit Secret} Perfume oil. $ 8.00

{White Ginger & Amber} Perfume Oil.
New {Perfume Sample Trio}. You pick 3

 {Rosemary Mint) Perfume Oil
Peppermint and whisper of rosemary on a bed of vanilla. 

 (ok, so this is a tad wintery, but let's face it, that's unfortunately around the corner too!)

...and even though it smells like fall in here, it's 73 degrees out, and i am going to enjoy my last week and a half of summer. 


kirstyb said...

it all looks lovely xxxx

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