Wednesday, February 27, 2008

see my jewelry at 'sweet petula' in seattle

what a month this has been!
we have had a job transition for nathan, he is currently working at spokane falls community college as their general manager. it has been a wonderful challenge and he is really enjoying himself. this is a big promotion for him and he is ready for the next step.

lanna banana. what to say.
she pooped in the potty TWICE his week.
she is the only one in her class that knows the colors GRAY and BROWN; and her mommy and daddy's name.
she had explosive diarrhea this morning as we were leaving.
what else is there to say?
she is smart, and he poops a lot, ok?

i was contacted last week by a woman in portland oregon, who has a small handmade clothing store and wants to sell my jewelry. very exciting, but we are yet to commit to something.

today, i had a lovely miss name cory who owns sweetpetula in seattle contact me, and she wants to sell my jewelry as well. they sell bath luxuries, and have a darling little store that i will get to visit in march. we have made a contract, and she has accepted, and i will have my new line in her store in march!!! i am just thrilled. i cannot imagine walking into a hip little store in seattle and seeing my things. now THAT will be a great blog photo folks!
her shop was in seattle magazine last month. they also have a shop on etsy.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

evil water sticks

apparently i was onto something when i mentioned my "evil water sticks" in an ealier post.
thank you, doug for bringing this tradegy to my attention.

Monday, February 25, 2008

playing store, the smartass way

Lanna: daddy, you want to play store wit me?

Nathan: Sure. do you have milk that i can buy?

Lanna: why yes we do. i have 2 milks. can i put them in a bag for you? (then ignores him)

Nathan: ok, ma'am...if you can just hand me that bag, i can put them in there myslef...

Lanna: WAIT! i'll do it...(and violently throws his milk in the bag)

Nathan: uh, ma'am, you are breaking my milk. do you want me to get some eggs so you can break those too?

Lanna: i don't have any eggs.

Nathan: oh, wait, i have a let me just get that...

Lanna: i'm sorry. we're closed.

(she takes the bag of groceries to the middle of the floor and dumps them out)

Lanna: daddy want ot play store again?

Nathan: i'm sorry, i can't. someone was wreckless, and now i have a cleanup on isle 4.

Friday, February 22, 2008

gooooo STANFORD!

Stanford University announced today that they will enroll anyone who makes under 100G /year for FREE. I know that this might come as a vibrant shock to you, but I make under 1ooG. I am proud to announce that someday Stanford WILL accept Lanna, and she WILL go there for free. Send your donation's for food now. She might get in for free, but a girl has to eat! Thank you for your patronage.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

etsy mini

Buy Handmade

Monday, February 18, 2008

will it eventually kill me?

something on my mind. vaccinations.
every year we or our children line up like cattle to get poked with an unknown substance because we are told that this is keeping us safe. this is something that has always scared me. what exactly are they putting into my arm? what is that? i mean, what is REALLY in there? this is information that will ever be released to us, but on a twice yearly basis, i stand in line for my poisonous injection. weather it's the flu shot, tetanus, or a Hepatitis B vaccine, which i HAVE to get because i am a health care worker...there in the line, i stand. i will be standing in that damn line again in may. i was shocked the DAY that i started my current job that i had to make a visit to the "needle lady", whom i have grown to love. not for her needle ability, but just because she is really sweet. what now concerns me more is my child. i will admit, she is behind in her shots. not super far behind, but enough that is she were to start K, she would be forced to get her current shots. i cannot bring myself to rush her to the Dr. to get her special cocktail. lanna was a few months early and we appreciated the shots that she had to take on a weekly basis to keep her lungs strong, her heart healthy, and for her to surpass any flu that could be deadly at a all too early age. as i read more and more, i oblige, but i am more and more skeptical. do believe that there are vaccinations that are absolutely necessary and will save lives, (human and pets) i just think that somewhere along the line it will take a few as well. i will admit that i will be in the line for the new HPV shot, because if i can take a shot that will keep me from cervical cancer, i am all over it. this is where i feel contradictory and well, it is what it is. this is my point. i am told that it will save me and i say "GREAT, MIX ME ONE OF THOSE!."

i think to myself, 50 years ago cancer and autism is not what it is today. what has changed? medicine. medicine has gotten far more advanced and vaccinations are readily more available. will my child get polio? probably not, but MAYBE. this is a shot that is required to enter school, or daycare for that matter. lanna had to get six different shots to enter daycare and 6 more one year later. yes, she is about 6 behind because THREE of those are now the "chicken pox" shot.

taken from text:
California's autism rate has mushroomed 1000% over the past 20 years, with dramatic increases following the introduction of the MMR vaccine in the early 80's. England had dramatic autism increases beginning in the 90's, following the introduction of the MMR vaccine there.

Some infants receive 100 times the EPA's maximum allowable amount of mercury through vaccines. In January 2000, the Journal of Adverse Drug Reactions reported that the MMR vaccine was not adequately tested and should not have been licensed.

so, to close...yes,i will stand in that line in may to be shot up with potential poison and all i can say is wish me the best!
i would never go as far to suggest that anyone not immunize, as i do, and my child does, but simply put, thing that we do to protect us, scares the crap out of me.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

well, at least he smells good.

today was laundry day.(sidenote:) i wonder if doug's laundry changed from monday to sunday?
anyway, in the midst of me folding clothes, lanna spilled some lemonade on "ikea" her giraffe. she got this giraffe at IKEA and thought that was his actual name, hence the current name. she immediately freaks out when her animals get wet and asks to wash them whenever this happens. so, to the washer we went. (yesterday nemo got milk on his tail). for his safety, she asked to watch the process with the lid open. i let her do that. she stood there on her stool and watched ikea go round and round. after a few mn i thought i better go check and for good reason. 2 minutes of complete silence only equals BAD. it was not too horrible, as much as it was a waste. she had thrown in one by one every single dryer sheet we had (roughly 60) into the washer. you know, the things that only go in the dryer. these were very yummy smelling lemon verbena too, that i am now sad are gone. needless to say, her giraffe smells very gooood.

Friday, February 8, 2008

superbowl snack photo's

lanna did most of the work. she stuffed the mushrooms and wrapped the asparagus in bacon. if you have never made bacon wrapped asparagus, do it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

observing small creatures in thier natural habitats

lanna looks forward to going to school every morning and is sad to leave when we pick her up. nathan and i both drop her off together and we pick her up together. i don't believe that is too common. we feel pretty lucky to be able to do that. it is just amazing to watch these little creatures when they think you are not looking. lanna vacuums , cleans, makes everyone tea, writes letters to santa (almost daily) and conducts show-and-tell like a pro. it's is so funny to see her face when she first see us. her initial reaction is not to run to us, but to show us her best tricks. she sees us walk in and she starts running off in the opposite direction, while looking directly at us. we sit there like "oooh, wow, good job!" while we are covering our eyes and clenching our jaws because we know what is next. SPLAT. she generally rams herself right into the nearest wall or crashes right over the top of the poor unexpecting child that is in a daydream and riding his awesome harley across the playground. they both end up crying, neither of them has any idea what just hit them.
"weird, that came out of no where!" today was delightfully different. she was sitting by herself reading a christamas book, yes, a christmas book in february. that's how spokane rolls. when she saw us, her excitement was small and she began to vacuum and set up her tea party. i was able to quietly snap a few photo's. natural habitat is fun.

oh hello!

tea and an orange for you?

concentrating and writing santa

bananas foster

i rarely ever have my camera on my at work or in lanna's school. it is not common that you get to walk away with either of those types of photo's. i thought today i would bring my camera in. i will be doing two separate posts.

*today was mardi gras and our chef is great about making fun and festive beautiful food that best represents the holiday. today he featured his famous bananas foster. this is butter, brown sugar, orange juice and rum that is sauteed in a pan and then bananas are added. what a dream combination! who knew. this marvelous mixture is then spooned over ice cream. this is a comment that i heard in the hallway today. "when no one was looking i licked the bowl!" and "this is my FAVORITE day of the year." really? you like this more than christmas?
emily, our current student extraordinaire flamed up some of these beauties today and here is the evidence.

Monday, February 4, 2008

i couldn't make this stuff up if i tried

nathan is laying on the couch, almost asleep and lanna offers him an "ice cream cone" out of an upside down party hat that we made for her poodle. i ask her what kind of ice cream she is eating and she replies that her flavor is "acorn sea-water".

is it just me, or does her baskin robins have something mine does not?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

hot pockets!

a little hope

it has warmed up to a generous 37 and the ice is melting! the sun is shining and all you hear is icicle drips and a few birds. lanna attempted to make another snow angel, but got too cold while she was talking herself into throwing herself down in the snow.

gosh isn't it terrible to have sun in your eyes?